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Texas Gulf Coast Environmental Remediation

Vernor Material & Equipment began recycling in 1984 by processing broken concrete and construction debris into road base.  We routinely receive, treat, and reclaim non-hazardous waste under permit from the TCEQ.  We have completed numerous large scale abatement projects and have the tools and connections to tackle a wide range of reclamation specifications.

Here is a partial list of non-hazardous materials VME is authorized to handle:

  • Diesel or gasoline impacted soils
  • Concrete
  • Spent blast grit
  • Spent catalyst media
  • Crumb rubber
  • Off-spec fly ash or cement
  • Brick and masonry debris
  • Asphalt

By recycling these and other materials into a viable product, VME is saving Texas’ valuable landfill space as well as our natural resources.