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Texas Gulf Coast Industrial, Commercial & Residential Demolition

For 50 years VME has delivered quality commercial, industrial and residential demolition services at affordable prices. VME has grown to become the area’s leading demolition contractor with experience in demolishing chemical plants, power plants, water towers, distillation columns, storage tanks, boilers, bridges, buildings, houses and any other types of structure. VME is also capable of removing concrete roads, slabs and foundations of any thickness.

VME owns and maintains a wide variety of demolition equipment including grapples, hydraulic hammers, shears and trucks. VME understands the hazards associated with demolition work and for that reason we approach every demolition project with a well thought out plan.

VME has a full time safety department to ensure up to date training for our employees as well as ensuring the safety of our customers and the community. VME has employees trained in the Department of State Health Services asbestos regulations and can assist in arranging the testing and removal of building materials containing asbestos. VME is insured and can bond any project necessary.

The next time you need a project done right and on time call Vernor Material & Equipment.